MSAG Insurance- US Employee Health Insurance -Everything You Need to Know

MSAG Insurance- US Employee Health Insurance -Everything You Need to Know 2023

MSAG Insurance- Helpshunt: Member Services Advisory Group (MSAG) is Available to Employees Based in the United States. MSAG Offers Health Insurance Services.

Your health care, your voice! Do you want to be able to have a say in your health care? Join MSAG!

They pay for the entirety of your monthly payment and have a low deductible.

They also provide Health Savings Plans, which You could use to pay for your out-of-pocket medical expenses. And every one of your physicians is part of the BlueCross/CareFirst network!

MSAG insurance comprises members and community partners from the nearby region, just like you. You have the chance to earn up to $50 for attending each meeting.

When will the meeting be held?

The MSAG gets together once every three months (four times per year). The meetings begin at 9:00 A.M. on Thursdays and continue for 90 minutes. They will shortly be posting the meeting dates for 2023.

Where will the meeting be held?

The Central California Alliance for Health offices in Merced, Monterey, and Santa Cruz counties. The bus stops closest to the committee meeting places in Salinas and Merced can be reached without difficulty.

MSAG Meeting Address:

Merced County530 West 16th Street, Suite B
Merced, CA 95340-4710
 Monterey County950 East Blanco Road, Suite 101
Salinas, CA 93901-4487
 Santa Cruz County1600 Green Hills Road, Suite 101
Scotts Valley, CA 95066-4981

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What does MSAG do? Or what is MSAG Insurance?

MSAG supports open lines of communication between Alliance members and the Santa Cruz-Monterey-Merced Medical Managed Care Commission. 

The mission of the MSAG is to contribute to the Alliance’s members’ access to medical care that is efficient, friendly, and of top quality.

Members of MSAG will do the following:

Advise the Commission on issues and concerns of members and the community.

Prepare policy recommendations for the Commission based on the input received from members and the community.

Speak out on behalf of the members of the Alliance and bring their concerns and ideas to the advisory group meetings so that they may be discussed and relevant actions are taken.

Listen to and collect the feedback of Alliance members who would not otherwise have their views heard.

Ensure that the Alliance is concentrating on the requirements of the members.

Inform the members and the community about the Alliance by disseminating the information gained at meetings.

How to Apply MSAG ?

You can send your application by mail to the following address:

Kayla Zoliniak – Central California Alliance for Health

530 West 16th Street, Suite B

Merced CA, 95340

In addition, you can send your application by mail to

For more information, email

The Committee follows the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. If you or someone you know requires specialized assistance or accommodation due to a disability to participate in this meeting, please contact the Alliance at least three days before the gathering at or call  800-700-3874.

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