Best offshore developers & Development Companies In USA

Best offshore developers & Development Companies

Best offshore developers – Helpshunt: We have conducted research and put up a ranking of the Best offshore developers & offshore software development organizations. These developers  and organizations provide solid solutions that assist businesses in more successfully and efficiently managing their operations.

6 Best offshore developers In United States

1. Jeff Marin (offshore developer)

Jeff Marin is the Best offshore developer. He has worked as an engineer, project manager, and director for more than 30 years, allowing him to hone his excellent communication skills and superior technical talents.

2. Eugeniu Rata (offshore developer)

Eugeniu Rata (Best offshore developers)

Eugeniu is a well-rounded full-stack software engineer with almost two decades of experience in many technologies varying from C/C++, C#/.NET to Node.js, React, Angular, Electron, and many more. He can build and develop new concepts, join or lead teams, and bring order to chaos. Eugeniu loves innovating and delivering incredible products and being part of fabulous teams.

3. Mike Stankavich (Best offshore developer)

Mike Stankavich (Best offshore developers)

Mike is an experienced senior data engineer and freelance architect with knowledge of all layers of software development. The cloud and infrastructure are familiar territories for him, and he has earned certifications from Microsoft, ISC2, Powersoft, and others in these areas. These days, he uses RDBMS and NoSQL technologies to construct scalable data backends for web applications.

4. Wouter Steenbergen (Best offshore developer)

Best offshore developers & Development Companies In USA

Wouter is a highly motivated, versatile, and experienced Xamarin Forms specialist who has shown proficiency in software design and delivery across a wide range of use cases, including enterprise-scale cloud services, mobile applications, and on-premise software. He excels in interdisciplinary, multi-tasking settings with high uncertainty and has a track record of recognizing and launching strategic projects. He is empathetic, imaginative, committed, and has good social skills.

5. Aram Malinich (Best offshore developer)

Aram Malinich (Best offshore developers)

Aram is an experienced software developer with a track record of successfully developing and executing high-quality computer systems. He has a wealth of expertise working with teams to implement complex solutions to business problems. Aram is a specialist in C# and has finished a large number of professional projects ranging from standalone websites to enterprise apps. His experience covers a wide variety of fields.

6. David Avery (Best offshore developer)

Wouter Steenbergen (Best offshore developers)

David is an ambitious software architect and developer specializing in creating mobile applications for iOS and Android, Spring-based J2EE programs, implementations, ServiceMax, and Python/Django web applications. He has made several popular applications and has previous experience serving as a project manager. Finding original answers to challenging issues is something that he takes pleasure in doing.

10 Best offshore Development Companies

  1. Belatrix
  2. inVerita
  3. Experion
  4. Altoros
  5. Pixelcrayons
  7. Mentormate
  8. Developex
  9. The Software House
  10. Intellectsoft

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