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Probo app Download Latest Version – Helpshunt: The probo app is an information market that allows users to take positions on future events. Of course, the truth always comes in the end, and those who were right are rewarded for their actions, but we all grow from the experience.

Probo is a platform they are creating for users looking for knowledge of a higher truth level and better quality on a wide range of topics. 

The users of this platform will be able to express their thoughts via a simple yes-or-no trading system by taking a stance on the outcome of future events.

 Probo’s mission is to make the exchange of ideas and thoughts more interesting, engaging, and educational (EEE) for its users by directing the conversation toward an end and giving users “skin in the game.” 

In the same way that the price of a stock on an exchange may offer an idea of how people feel about a specific topic at any given moment, the trade price can do the same.

Additional Information: Probo app

App NameProbo Opinion App
App Offered ByProbo Media Technologies Pvt. Ltd
App VersionV5.16.2
App Size13.56 MB
Signup Bonus25 Rupees
App Updated On24 July 2022
Requires Android5.0+ or Above

Probo app Download Latest Version✅

What exactly is the probo app?

Probo is a unique platform for the exchange of ideas. Trading opinions is both simple and profitable. To indicate if you believe the event will take place, tap “Yes” or “No.” “No” if you think that it will not happen.

This is a type of betting or trading app, and it allows you to make money by investing in live matches or changes that are occurring in live markets.

You can do this by betting on the result of live matches or by trading on live markets. For example –

  1. Do you think the onion price would be more than 25 rupees today in Delhi?
  2. Will the price of Bitcoin reach 50,000 Rupees today or not?
  3. Is it possible for India to win the match today?
  4. Will Delhi reach 150°C today? Etc.

How Do I Invest Using The Probo App?

  • A few different categories are available to trade in while using the Probo app. These categories include News, Cricket, Finance, and Politics.
  • You can choose your category however you want.
  • Provide your answer to a specific question as a yes or no.
  • The next step is to choose a trading price and quantity.
  • In case your answer is accurate, you will get the prize money.

Advantages of Participating in Probo Opinion Trading

  • Learn the fundamentals of trading.
  • Put your attention on the possibilities.
  • Increase your ability for analysis as well as your knowledge.
  • There is no need to create fantasy teams.
  • The fastest and easiest method to earn

Is Probo Authorized In India ?

Probo is a trading platform that enables users to trade on the outcomes of future events. 

Probo allows you to express your opinion, and it then evaluates how much your idea is correct. 

The app may be downloaded and played without any problems in India.So you’ll have no problems producing the trade.

Is It Safe To Put Your Money Into the Probo app?

Investing cash in Probo is risk-free, that’s for sure. Each withdrawal and payment is connected with a safe and confidential system.

How Can I Make Money Using The Probo App?

You will need to play Probo carefully if you want to earn a profit from the probo. 

While giving your opinion a yes or no, remember that your answer will match someone who provides the opposite opinion on the same subject. 

When the winner is determined, they will get their initial investment back along with any profits they made.

Probo App: Referral & Invite Code

You are required to join up for Probo before you can refer others.  When your friend makes their first transaction on Probo, you will be eligible for the bonus associated with the referral link.

 The following are some of the steps that you need to do to refer

Step1: Open the app and click the top-left menu icon.

Step2: Tap “Refer and Earn.”

Step3: Copy the referral code.

Step4: Share with friends and contacts.

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How to withdraw money from Probo app?

You can only send a maximum of Rs. 2,000.00 to your bank account using UPI id. You can make payments and get profits promptly using UPI ID.

 Your money is 100% safe and secure. All UPI platforms are accepted.

KYC is required to withdraw money. If you re-do KYC, Rs 10 will be deducted from your deposits; recharge first.

  • To withdraw your funds, Click the “Withdraw” button.
  • Enter the “Amount” that you now have in wins.
  • After your account has been verified, choose the “UPI” option.
  • Click “Withdraw” Button from the options.
  • You will get your money in less than a day.

How to contact the Probo App Customer Support Team? 

Probo delivers the best level of customer service available. If you have any questions, you may ask the Probo team by going to the official website, filling out the form there, and uploading a snapshot of the problem that you are having.

 You may also contact us by sending an email to

FAQS:  Probo app

Q. What exactly is this probo app?

Probo is an idea-sharing platform. Simple, profitable opinion trading APP. Tap “Yes” or “No” if you think the event will happen.

Q.Is probo app legal in India?

Yes, probo appis legal in India.

Q. Who is the owner of the Probo app?

Sachin Gupta and Ashish Garg established the Probo app.

Q. How much money can I withdraw in a day?

You can only send a maximum of Rs. 2,000.00 to your bank account using UPI id.

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